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This is for YOU! Because there is no one quite like you in the whole wide world.  So here is how it works.  You get a FREE 12-month trial that you can cancel at any time and then it is a whopping $1 USD per year. The reason why we are asking for $1 whole dollar for the 1-year trial is to help keep out the bots and the spammers that will be opening dozens or even hundreds of accounts like on other social networks.  New Things Me is not like that. Because spammers and bots will not go through any type of payment processing system typically.  So by doing this, we cut out 10’s of thousands of bots and spammers.  Think of it as having a cover charge at a night club to keep out the riffraff.  Besides if someone can’t come up with $1 dollar in a year, then they are probably not someone you want to hang with anyway, right?  🙂 We Do Not Throttle Your Posts! Every time you post something, all of your friends and fans can see it. There is no throttling of views. You Do Not Have To Pay To Boost Your Posts! Unlike the other places, not every other post in your timeline is going to be an Ad either. So you do not have to pay to boost a post so that your friends or people that like your profile can see them.  Everyone can see what you post! Did you know that in many other networks, that less than 5% of your friends or fans actually have your content show up in their timelines?  So if you have 1,000 friends of people that like you, you might be lucky if 50 of them see what you posted at any given time unless they go to your profile. We Do Not Have Fact Checkers! We are not big brother!  We are not going to fact check things. You are smart, you figure out what you want to believe or not. We believe in the 1st Amendment and we do not have an agenda to push.  If people do not like what it posted, then unfriend them, or they can leave the site. We do expect people to act like normal adults with common sense.. Cheers, Andrew So free for 12-Month and then $1 per year.

The price for membership is $0.00 now and then $1.00 per Year.

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