New Things Me

Welcome To New Things Me

It is so awesome that you are here reading this.

What Is New Things Me?

Well, it is a concept I came up with back in 2012 for like-minded people that are motivated go-getters that are looking to improve their lives to have a place to find and share things that will help them get further along in their journeys.

A couple of things that are different than other Social Networks.

1. We don’t sell off your data.
2. We do not throttle back your feeds. Everyone that follows you has what you post in your feed show up in theirs.  This is especially true if you are a business.  You do not have to pay to boost your post seen every time you post something.

3. Unlike other social media sites where up to 75% of the users may be bots or multiple profiles of the same user, we are doing our best to keep that to a minimum.  Every user has to go through our payment process for the 12-month free trial and then it is $1 per year for personal membership and then $5 a year or $5 a month for businesses.

Like a cover charge at a bar, it helps keep out the riff-raff. And seriously, if someone is not motivated to put in a $1 a year after a 12-month free trial, they are not serious about improving their lot in life anyway and we do not want them here messing things up for you, right?

4. We are not big brother.  We are open-minded folks with common sense and the only ax we have to grind is against stupidity and tyranny, oh, and Moochers of the world.

If you are not willing to work for something than you do not deserve it. No free lunches here.  We expect you to act like an adult with more than 2 brain cells. We do not have idiotic biased Fact-Checkers.  If you are not smart enough to figure out good information from bad, then you should not be on this site.  If you act like an idiot, we won’t put warning signs on your profile, we will just get rid of what we consider ignorant people. 🙂

5. We are pro-business here. Small and large businesses are what make that world go round and they produce the things that make life fun and easier for us.  We do everything we can to support them.  Which is why we do not make businesses pay to get their information seen.

Without Businesses and Entrepreneurs, the world would be a horrible place.

So welcome to the site and if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!